ISO 9001 certification: V2008
Our ISO 9001-certified process for continuous improvement is driven by 5 targets, 4 satisfaction goals - the '4S's -
and a commitment to Sustainable Development:
- Total client SATISFACTION
- Total employee SATISFACTION
- Total shareholder SATISFACTION
- Total partner SATISFACTION
See our approval certificate
Innovation and sustainable development
The Group has implemented a sustainable development commitment strategy: in 2011, Distritec signed the 'Objectif CO2' charter
with a view to reducing CO2 emissions. The 2011 target of a 6% reduction over 3 years has been comfortably achieved (12.52%),
which is why Distritec is aiming for an extra 7% reduction over the next 3 years, for an overall total reduction of 20%.
This is achievable through the use of the rail-route, the training of all drivers in ecodriving, and the acquisition of hybrid vehicles.
D Groupe Logistique has put societal and environment commitment at the heart of its strategy.
See our sustainable development strategy
Approval for transport of hazardous and non-hazardous waste (WEEE)
The transport of clients' electrical and electronic equipment waste requires approval. The Group has official approval for
the transport of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.
We take on the removal of products and their transportation to a national returns centre for sorting and orientation.
We provide destruction certificates and hazardous waste tracking sheets for destroyed products.
See our declaration receipt