Added value in 3D
The Group has been able to retain and develop its values of strong employee attachment to the company. Our operational teams,
who represent our brand and client image on a daily basis, pay close attention to their presentation and behaviour. They are aware
of the benefits of gathering all the necessary information for both us and our contracting clients to ensure the continuous improvement
of services.
Proximity management ensures a high level of responsiveness which is much appreciated by our clients.
The Group invests regularly in innovative and efficient equipment. We provide ourselves with significant means to maintain and
develop the skills of our employees who are trained in new technologies in order to be able to offer you a safe, high quality service.
D Groupe also has societal and environmental commitments at the heart of its strategy, having signed the 'Objectif CO2' charter,
approved by the French Ministry of Sustainable Development.
According to our most recent survey, 97% of employees say they are either satisfied or very satisfied, and 96% of clients are either
satisfied or very satisfied.